Get your head in the cloud with Rackspace email - a great place for you to boost productivity, enhance access and ensure that your security is at an all-time high.

Why Rackspace?


this isn't a one size-fits all option - we partnered with Rackspace in order to offer a service that can be tailor-made. Forget about paying out for equipment, forget spending time on the backend of your system and forget about upgrades - we do all of that for you.

Access to your data when you need it, on your terms

No more document requests for material that is sitting on a hard drive – you will find everything you need in one place, and have the ability to access it anywhere.

On a train, on a plane, on a bus or in the rain! The option is always there, whenever you need it.


All lines of communication can be found in one place, in an easy to use Workstream.

Real-time document editing, real time document sharing and the need to send copy after copy of a document completely eliminated - time is money in business, and this saves it.


Most businesses are far too busy with the day to day needs of keeping the business ticking over to factor in anything else, and data security often comes bottom of the to-do list.

When you’re using the cloud, this is all done automatically. If your systems go down, then your files are still available off site.


We love what we do, and we do it well - with many years in the business under our belts, you are in the very best hands!


Lean on us. We offer you support 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. When you can't catch us within that time bracket, just drop us an email.


We know that not every business is the same, which is why we tailor make all of our packages to suit you and your needs.