Getting a website up and running with Infohob is easy as drag and drop.

Your main identity online is your website. Without a website, your online existence is futile.

It is very important that your website looks professional and sleek.



Build it yourself

No code and no jargon, just a straight forward platform that enables you to build your own website with ease.
In your own time and on your own terms, you can create the presence that you want people to see.
Our platform is effective and easy-to-use.

1. Ranking

Google will love your site! All of the sites made with Infohob are completely mobile friendly and Google soaks them up, putting them into the eye line of the people who need to see them!

3. Make your site look cool

By using Infohob, you can benefit from a wide selection of pre-made blocks, meaning that you don't have to generate them yourself. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find the one that suits your business perfectly.

2. Build your bootstrap

Based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4, all of the Infohob themes are built to a powerful framework. Does coding baffle you? No problem. This ideal for you and you can get on board regardless of your technical expertise.

4. Host anywhere

You don't have to pigeon hole yourself to one provider. With Infohob you can use FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive or Gifthub. No limits.


1. Image/Content slider

A neat, tidy and good looking way of organising your site and making it appealing to the eye.

3. Image Gallery

Showcase your pictures to perfection with a mobile optimised gallery.

5. Google maps

Show your location to customers with ease.

7. Fonts and icons

A wide range of fonts and icons that make your typography game strong.

2. Contact Forms

Allow people to get in touch easily and effectively.

4. Mobile menu

Easy to use mobile access to your menu.

6. Social buttons

Encourage interaction with easy to use social buttons that link to your social media accounts.

8. Video background

Bring your website to life with moving pictures. An interesting and eye-catching finish to your website.

We build it for you

If the idea of building your own site is just something that you don't think you can do, then fear not ‐ we can do it for you.

Our design process is intricate and takes every single requirement that you have on board. We learn about you, your business and exactly what you want you site to do in terms of performance and overall goals.

All you have to do is tell us what you want, and watch us create it for you.

The process

In order to get a clear understanding of exactly what you want, we will send you a form to fill out and encourage you to include as much detail as possible. After we receive your form, we will then move forward and give you a call or email, whichever you prefer.

1. Setup under construction page

You can start to give out your domain in order to make people aware of your site. When they go online, they will see an under construction page which shows that you are actively creating your online presence.

3. Provision of website content logo, about us, services, partners, images, other information

We upload your information to the website

5. Design of website homepage

We produce a mock-up of the homepage design and layout.

7. Integration of social media, newsletter, and other links and/or apps

Integrate your chosen social media into the site.

9. Project completion and commissioning

Test the site, sign off and commissioning.

11. Review and critique of new website

Listen to and adjust website based on recommendations and suggestions.

2. Domain name registration and setup of hosting account

We register your domain name and establish your host for your site.

4. Consultation

We host an initial consultation in order to discuss, agree and approve your scope.

6. Review and critique of mock up design

We make and suggest adjustments.

8. Building of actual website

Build website once you have approved the mock up design and decisions.

10. Training and handover

We teach you how to run the site and then hand over the control.

12. Implementation and adjustment of mock up design

Make all of the necessary adjustments in order to get the correct look for your home page and other pages on your site.